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AÑO 2013

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Gavilán, V. Population And Ethnicity Management In The Southern Andes: The Two Sides Of Colonization Yesterday And Today. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  45 (4): 543-551 OCT-DEC 2013

Ramirez, S. Methodological problems in the scientific research on HIV/AIDS in Bolivia. CIENCIA & SAUDE COLETIVA  18 (5): 1321-1329 MAY 2013

Sepúlveda, M., D. Valenzuela, L. Cornejo, H. Lienqueo, H. Rousseliere Manganese Oxide In Northernmost Chile: Black Color Procurement, Production And Mobility During The Archaic Period.  CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  45 (1): 143-159 JAN-MAR 2013

Carrasco, A. y V. Gavilan Influence Of The School Education Process In The Socialization Of Aymara Women And Men In The Altiplano Area Of Northern Chile. ESTUDIOS ATACAMENOS  44: 73-88 2012 [2013]

Muñoz, I. y J. Chacama Transformation Of The Social Landscape In Arica, Northern Chile: From Archaic Fishermen To Emerging Farmers.  ESTUDIOS ATACAMENOS 44: 123-140 2012 [2013]


Wallace, A., M. Sepúlveda, T. Guilderson, K. Steelman First radiocarbon dates for Chilean rock paintings. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY  245 Meeting Abstract: 1404-CHED APR 7 2013

Silva, V., D. Valenzuela, M. Sepúlveda Paleopatología osteoarticular en Chinchorro: Revisión de un caso y discusión sobre el autocuidado en la prehistoria de Arica, norte de Chile. REV. MÉD. CHILE 141 (5): 637-643 MAYO 2013

Núñez, L., A. Sandoval, V. Standen, C. Santoro Betty J. Meggers And Her Trascendental Hemispheric Dedication To Latin American Archaeology. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA   45 (4) 505-514 OCT-DEC 2013

Santoro, C., V. Standen, D.  Ángelo, V. Gavilán Internationalization Of Scientific Journals In Emerging Fields Such As Anthropology: Challenges And Opportunities For Chungara. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA   45 (3): 367-369 JUL-SEP 2013

Watson, J., B. Arriaza, V. Standen, I. Muñoz  Tooth Wear Related to Marine Foraging, Agro-Pastoralism and the Formative Transition on the Northern Chilean Coast. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OSTEOARCHAEOLOGY  23 (3): 287-302 MAY-JUN 2013

Arriaza, B., V. Standen, H. Núñez, K. Reinhard Study of archaeological nits/eggs of Pediculus humanus capitis by scanning electron microscopy. MICRON  45: 145-149 FEB 2013

Scott, G., S. Poulson, S. Kuzminsky, V. Standen, B. Arriaza, I. Muñoz Further studies on dental calculus as a proxy for stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes: extraordinarily high levels of delta N-15 in prehistoric samples from Chile correspond to findings on traditional biomaterials. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY   150 Special Issue Supplement 56: 248-248 2013

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Cases, B. y I. Montt The Painted Tunics Of The Middle And Upper Loa Basin Viewed From Quillagua (Northern Chile). CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA   45 (2): 249-275  APR-JUN 2013

Umire, A. Chinchorro Funerary Characteristics Along The Coast Of Southern Peru. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  45 (2): 209-235 APR-JUN 2013

AÑO 2012

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Ángelo, D. Bill L. Rathje 1st July 1945-25th May 2012, Archeologist, had works published. INTERSECCIONES EN ANTROPOLOGIA  13 (2): 6-8 DEC 2012 [Obituario]

Muñoz, I. Water And Monumentality In The Azapa Valley: Indicators For Land Use Among Alto Ramirez People, Formative Period, North Of Chile. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  44 (4): 571-591 OCT-DEC 2012

Sepulveda, M., E. Laval, L. Cornejo, J. Acarapi Elemental Characterisation Of Pre-Hispanic Rock Art And Arsenic In Northern Chile. ROCK ART RESEARCH  29 (1): 93-107 MAY 2012


Duchesne, F. y J. Chacama Prehispanic Funerary Towers Of The South-Central Andes: Death, Space Occupation And Social Organization. Comparative Study: Coporaque, Canon Del Colca (Peru), Chapiquina, Precordillera Of Arica (Chile). CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  44 (4): 605-619 OCT-DEC 2012

Santoro, C., M. Rivadeneira, C. Latorre, F. Rothhammer, V. Standen Rise And Decline Of Chinchorro Sacred Landscapes Along The Hyperarid Coast Of The Atacama Desert. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  44 (4): 637-653 OCT-DEC 2012

Bouysse-Cassagne, T. y J. Chacama Colonial Territorial Division, Funerary Cults And Ancestral Memory In Carangas And The Precordillera Of Arica (XVI-XVII Century). CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA   44 (4): 669-689 OCT-DEC 2012

Marquet, P., C. Santoro, C. Latorre, V. Standen,  S. Abades, M. Rivadeneira, B. Arriaza, M. Hochberg Emergence of social complexity among coastal hunter-gatherers in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  109 (37): 14754-14760 SEP 11 2012

Arriaza, B., N. Orellana, H. Barbosa, R. Menna-Barreto, A. Araujo, V. Standen Severe Head Lice Infestation in an Andean Mummy of Arica, Chile. JOURNAL OF PARASITOLOGY  98 (2): 433-436 APR 2012

Gallardo, F., G. Cabello, G. Pimentel, M. Sepulveda, L. Cornejo Visual Information Flows, Social Interaction And Cave Paintings In The Atacama Desert (Northern Chile). ESTUDIOS ATACAMENOS  43: 35-52   Fecha de publicación: 2012

Diaz, A. y J. Chacama Idolatry Processes, Native Discourses and Religiosity in the Colonial Andean World. TALLER DE LETRAS  51: 53-74 2012

Santoro, C. y V. Standen Forty Years Of Scientific Dissemination. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  44 (1): 3-8 JAN-MAR 2012

Arriaza, B., L. Cornejo, H. Lienqueo, V. Standen, C. Santoro, N. Guerra, j. Van Hoesen V., M. Santos Chemical And Mineral Characterization Of Gray Sediments Used To Model Chinchorro Bodies. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  44 (1): 177-194 JAN-MAR 2012

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Korpisaari, A., J. Sagarnaga, J. Villanueva, T. Patino Tiwanaku Deposits Of Offerings On The Island Of Pariti, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA  44 (2): 247-267 APR-JUN 2012 [alumno]

AÑO 2011

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Muñoz, I. y F. Zalaquett The landscape on the distribution of the burial mounds at Azapa Valley during the formative period at the north of Chile. REVISTA DE GEOGRAFIA NORTE GRANDE  50: 23-43 DEC 2011

Chacama, J. y A. Diaz Time and Culture in Panpipes of the Precolumbian Societies in Arica, Chile. REVISTA MUSICAL CHILENA  65 (216): 34-57 JUL-DEC 2011

Gavilán, V., P. Vigueras, M. Parra, C. Madariaga, N. Morales, A. Arratia, R. Andrade Contemporary Andean society and culture: a study of the knowledge of health and disease in the indigenous villages of northern Chile. REVISTA DE INDIAS  71 (252): 571-600 MAY-AUG 2011

Ramírez, S. Ethics and quality in social research in health. Mismatches of reality. ACTA BIOETHICA 17 (1): 61-71 2011

Sepulveda, M. Rock Art And Social Complexity During The Late Intermediate Period, Salado River Subregion (North Of Chile). CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA 43 (1): 53-72 JAN-JUN 2011

Muñoz, I. Persistence Of The Fishing-Collecting Tradition On Arica Coast: Identification Of Cultural Features And Discussion On The Reach In The Context Of Early Agricultural Societies. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA   43 Número especial: 1: 469-485 2011

Sepulveda, M. Rock Art Painting And Color Technology In Southern Most South Chile. MAGALLANIA 39 (1): 193-210 2011


Garcia, M. y M. Sepulveda Vegetable Contexts Of Rock Shelters With Paintings (Foothills Of Arica, Northern Chile). ESTUDIOS ATACAMENOS 41: 97-118 2011

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Urbina, S., L. Adan, C. Moragas, S. Olmos, R. Ajata Architecture Coast Settlements In Tarapac, Northern Chile. ESTUDIOS ATACAMENOS 41: 63-96 2011 [alumno]

AÑO 2010

Autoría Principal

Standen, V., B. Arriaza, C. Santoro, A. Romero, F. Rothhammer Perimortem Trauma in the Atacama Desert and Social Violence During the Late Formative Period (2500-1700 Years BP). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OSTEOARCHAEOLOGY  20 (6): 693-707 NOV-DEC 2010

Sepulveda, M., Saintenoy, W. Faundes Rock Paintings Of The Precordillera Region Of Northern Chile. ROCK ART RESEARCH 27 (2): 161-175 NOV 2010

De Munter, K. (autor principal) Weaving Reciprocities: John Murra And Contextualization Among The Contemporary Aymara. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA 42 (1): 247-255 JAN-JUN 2010


Watson, J., I. Muñoz, B. Arriaza Formative Adaptations, Diet, And Oral Health In The Azapa Valley Of Northwest Chile. LATIN AMERICAN ANTIQUITY 21 (4): 423-439 DEC 2010

Arriaza, B., D. Amarasiriwardena, L. Cornejo, V. Standen, S. Byrne, L. Bartkus, B. Bandak Exploring chronic arsenic poisoning in pre-Columbian Chilean mummies. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE 37 (6): 1274-1278 JUN 2010

Silva, V., B. Arriaza, V. Standen Spina bifida occulta associated with environmental arsenic exposure in a prehispanic sample from northern Chile. REVISTA MEDICA DE CHILE 138 (4): 461-469 APR 2010

Arriaza, B., K. Reinhard, A. Araujo, N. Orellana, V. Standen Possible influence of the ENSO phenomenon on the pathoecology of diphyllobothriasis and anisakiasis in ancient Chinchorro populations. MEMORIAS DO INSTITUTO OSWALDO CRUZ 105 (1): 66-72 FEB 2010

Platt, T., V. Castro, F. Salomon, J. Hidalgo, L. Nuñez, C. Aldunate, V. Standen, C. Santoro For Dr. John V. Murra Cosmopolitan Veteran Of The Struggles Of The Twentieth Century. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA 42 (1): 3-6 JAN-JUN 2010

Santoro, C., T. Dillehay, J. Hidalgo, D. Valenzuela, A. Romero, F. Rothhammer, V. Standen The Third Case Of John Murra’s Verticality Revisited On The Coasts Of The Central And South-Central Andes. CHUNGARA-REVISTA DE ANTROPOLOGIA CHILENA 42 (1): 325-340 JAN-JUN 2010

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Zaro, G., K, Nystrom, A. Bar, A. Umire, A. Miranda Tierras Olvidadas: Chiribaya Landscape Engineering And Marginality In Southern Peru. LATIN AMERICAN ANTIQUITY 21 (4): 355-374 DEC 2010 [alumno]